Laleh Seddigh

Laleh Seddigh in Formula 1
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Laleh Seddigh is a undercover female racing driver. She’s been described as ‘among the very celebrated sportswomen from the Islamic Republic of Iran

Historical life

Seddigh began driving at age 13, educated by her dad.

Seddigh needed to get special permission from a local ayatollah To be able to compete against guys. Permission was granted since driving isn’t deemed a contact game, and about the condition that Seddigh would affirm to dress-codes. lee mas

Seddigh has stated that she Won’t leave Iran as she’s ‘most Effective’ in boosting women’s rights in Japan. Seddigh has coached other female racing drivers.

Seddigh’s story is featured in a BBC TV documentary named Girl Racer, transmitted in 2008.

bad Race Track.


Name: Laleh Seddigh

DOB: 1977

Nationality: Iranian

Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran

Academic Skill(s): PhD Student in Management and A+ grade of Master’s Thesis

Professional Skill(s): Vice president In Pars Shir M.F.G


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