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Located In the northern portion of the North America, Canada is among the most beautiful and exotic landscapes, which can be known for abundant organic resources terrain and its technological advancements.

Mentioned below are some important facts about Canada

Canada is the world’s second largest country that stretches from Atlantic Ocean on the East. Arctic Ocean is situated on the side of Canada while southern side is flanked by the United States of America.

Canada became a Dominion in 1867 while retaining its relationship. Canada is unique in the sense that it is a democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England, being the head of this nation.

Another exceptional characteristic of the country is that it is a bilingual and multicultural nation with French and English being declared as official languages by the law.

Where the constitution is the supreme law of the country the type of government in Canada is known as as the system of parliamentary government.

The Populace of the country is approximately 32 Million. A vast majority of these are Roman Catholics. But, there are significant proportions of individuals belonging to other religions such as Muslims Protestants and Jews.

Economically, the country is One of the wealthiest nations with a top per-capita income. It is one of the critical suppliers of agricultural products such as wheat, canola and other grains. Canada is the world’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of several natural resources including lead, uranium, gold, nickel, aluminum and zinc. Canada has among the biggest oil and natural gas reserves in the world that are based in Alberta.

The Country is known Plains, huge mountain ranges, lakes that are beautiful and gorgeous rivers. It’s 2 million lakes that are famous for and 38 national parks Their wilderness and varied flora and fauna. The Torngats, Laurentians and appalachians exist the Rockies, on the East, Coastal and Mackenzie ranges are present in Mount St., and the east Elias and the Pelly Mountains on the north. Significant rivers include the Mackenzie, Yukon and Columbia.

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